Piano Instruction

I am currently a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant at USC (University of Southern California Thornton School of Music). Through the university, I teach piano courses (both non-major and minor piano instruction) and keyboard skills (group classes). While living in Iceland, I currently teach private piano lessons over Zoom. Please contact me at ajyang@usc.edu for inquiries.

College Counseling

Applying for undergraduate, graduate, artist diploma, or doctoral programs can be a confusing process. We have limited knowledge of a program's actual philosophy, the faculty's competence, and potential for growth. I have a diversified and knowledgeable base in the classical piano field in the U.S. in addition to the college application process in general. I offer an honest assessment of an applicants strengths and weaknesses, strategies for auditions and preparation, in addition to practical services such as resume and essay counseling. 

Organization and Competition Counseling

With an Economics B.A. degree from Northwestern Univeristy in addition to my experience in the classical music field, I provide practical solutions for any music organizations, whether in relation to managerial or artistic issues. In 2019, I was the inaugural SFZP International Fortepiano Competition Coordinator for American Classical Orchestra in NYC. I am comfortable and confident in helping an organization's concert series or competition be an artistic and financial success. 

Boxing Instruction

I also teach beginner and intermediate private boxing/striking lessons, with an emphasis on mitt work, strength and conditioning, and efficient switch stance combos lending to practical implementation to M.M.A. My training experience includes M.M.A./Muay Thai/BJJ/Wrestling at Modern Martial Arts in Pasadena, CA, boxing at John's Boxing Club and Ultimate Muay Thai in New York, and Tier One Training Center in Evanston/Chicago. I have trained alongside and sparred with fighters currently in top organizations such as the UFC, and have coached both kids and adults in stand-up/striking for four years. 

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